What to Bring to Camp

Please Bring:

  • Health Insurance Card/ Student ID

  • Toiletries

    Soap, Shampoo, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Hairbrush

  • Sports Clothing

    Please bring several changes of daily sports clothing.  You may want to label your clothing.  Every year we have a huge pile of lost clothing!

  • Sleeping Bag, Pillow, Blankets

    Students will be provided with an air mattress, but will need to provide their own bedding.

  • Sports Shoes / Slippers

    Bring propper shoes for daily sports times.  We also recommend slippers for shower time.

  • Towel


  • Jacket or Sweatshirt

    Rooms may be cool at night, so we recommend bringing something long sleeve in case you are afraid of getting cold.

  • Notebook/Pen/Eraser

    For daily English lessons.

  • Suntan Lotion

    Camp is usually hot and sunny!  Make sure you protect your skin!

  • Water Bottle

    There are water fountains on campus, but we also suggest bringing a water bottle so you can dring water often.

  • Money for Snacks

    Students will have an opportunity each day to go with a staff member to buy snacks or drink.  Please don't bring a lot of money to camp.  We cannot be responsible for lost or stolen money.  Students will have a small locker that they can put important items in.

  • Clothes Hangers

    Students can wash out their sports clothes in the locker room sinks.  They dry much faster when hanging up!

  • Hair Dryer

    There is a limited amount of hair dryers in the shower room.  Girls may want to bring their own to save some time.

Please DON'T Bring:

  • iPod/ MP3 Player

    Students will not be allowed to use these items at camp.  They can be a distratction and can easily be lost or broken.  We are not responsible for lost or stolen devices.
  • Portable Video Games (PSP/NintendoDS/etc.)

    Students will not be allowed to use these items at camp.  They can be a distratction and can easily be lost or broken.  We are not responsible for lost or stolen devices.
  • Books, Magazines

    Students have a busy daily schedule. We encourage them to use any free time to practice their English or prepare for their lessons.

    (If students bring these items, they will be taken away and returned on the last day of camp.)


We regret to inform you that the Sports and English Camp planning team has made the difficult decision to CANCEL both weeks of Sports and English Camp 2020. The governmental restrictions currently in place limiting group gatherings, social distancing regulations, lack of facility availability due to COVID-19 safety measures, as well as potential risks associated with COVID-19 have all been factors in this decision. Due to the COVID-19 situation, we feel strongly that we need to protect you, the campers, as well as the entire Taiwan community and we are uncomfortable with the risk of spreading any illness. 

We hope to see you over the summer even though we won’t be spending the week together at camp. We have some other smaller-scale events that we are currently planning and will announce those events on our website and Facebook page when we have more information.

We also want you to know that we will do everything we can to have Sports and English Camp in 2021. We are excited about the changes we have been working on and plan to hold one week of camp for college aged students and one week of camp for high school students.

We do want to encourage you to join one of our weekly small group meetings or start a group with your friends. We love to spend time with you and our greatest passion is to support, encourage, and lead young people as you grow in relationship with each other and with Jesus Christ. Please tell us how we can support you, we would love to hear from you! 

God bless you,

The Sports & English Camp Planning Team


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