Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Who can attend Sports and English Camp?

    To insure a quality and safe program for everyone, we ask everyone to follow the following requirements. Thank you for your cooperation.
    1. Only current 9th-12th grade students may register for camp. (Students must be going into 10th grade to attend this year.)
    2. Every student needs to bring their payment receipt, health insurance card, and a proof of identity (like: student ID card).
    3. Also, because of insurance and facility regulations, students may not substitute attend camp in the place of another student.

  • Is this a Christian Camp?

    Yes. Our reason for starting this camp was to share God’s love with the students of Taiwan.  All of our staff are Christians and many of our lessons and sharing times will include words of truth and wisdom from the Bible.  

  • Do I have to be a Christian to attend this camp?

    No. You do not have to be a Christian to attend this camp.  We invite all students no matter what your background is.  If you are interested in hearing about the purpose of life and how God can transform our hearts and bless us with true hope and peace, we welcome you to sign up for this year’s camp!

    All students will be presented with the Good News of Jesus Christ, but we will give no pressure for students to make decisions regarding their faith.  We simply want to share our stories and let students know how much God loves them.

  • How will students learn English?

    Sports and English Camp will use several different methods to help students improve their English ability. Each student will be a part of a family group, attend a daily English conversation class,  receive a special English activity book and will have many opportunities each day to practice with the English teachers.  All S&E Camp activities have all been specifically designed for the purpose of giving the student confidence to start speaking English.

  • What if my English is not very good?

    Don't worry!  Half of our staff members are bi-lingual or grew up in Taiwan.  If you have any questions or don't understand something, there are plent of people to help you!
  • How much does Sports & English Camp cost?

    Just $6000NT! This amount includes all meals, housing, snacks, activity books, coaching, and instruction fees. However, it does not include transportation to and from camp. You can receive a refund before June 1 but none will be issued after that date.  

  • HOW and WHEN can I register for camp?


    This year we only have ONE week of camp.


    ONLINE Registration begin 5/8 , at 9:00am.

    After creating a USERNAME & PASSWORD, login to our website and a REGISTRATION tab will appear in the menu at 9:00am on the day of registration (5/8).

    2021 Camp Registration Process 

    1) On Registration day, LOGIN to our website using the account information you set up. (Camp registration fills up fast!)

    2) Complete the REGISTRATION FORM on the website.

    3) After successful registration, please pay the 6,000NT  registration fee within THREE WORKING DAYS (excluding holidays).

        You can LOGIN to your account on the website within a week and click "My Profile" in the menu bar to check your payment status.

    4) If your payment is not received within the required three working days, your REGISTRATION will become invalid and cancelled.       

        If you still desire to attend camp, you will need to fill out the online registration form again. 

  • What information do I need to register for camp?

    Please prepare the following mandatory information before you begin the online registration process: 

    1) Name: Chinese/English
    2) Birthdate
    3) ID# (For registration proof of identity and insurance purposes)
    4) Home Address
    5) Home Phone
    6) Cell Phone #
    7) Parent's Name
    8) Parent's Cell Phone#
    9) T-Shirt Size
    10) English Level (Basic/Intermediate/Advanced)
    11) Sports Choice (Students will choose a sport to focus on during their morning sports time)
    12) Email Address (You will receive important information about registration and camp.)

  • What Sport choices will be offered in 2021?


    Each year, students choose a sport they would like to focus on during our morning sports time (10:00-12:00)

    This year, the following activities will be offered. 

     -NEW! American Yard Games  -Basketball  -Biking  -Soccer  -Volleyball  -Swimming  -Cooking/Baking

    Students will choose their top three choices during the registration process.  Students will be placed in their activity based on time of registration.

    If a student's first choice is full, we will take their second choice.  If their second choice is full, we will take their third choice.

    We may still add another activity after registration.  If so, we will let you know and give students an opportunity to choose the new option.





  • What if I have to CANCEL my registration?

    If you can't attend S & E Camp, it is easy to cancel and receive a full refund!

    If you cancel before June 1st, you can receive a FULL refund. From the S & E web-site, click on the "Cancel Registration" tab. Using your special 6-digit student code, you will be able to have $6000 transferred back to your bank account.

    If you cancel between June 1st -30th, their are two scenarios:

    1. IF your spot is filled from the WAITING LIST: You can receive a FULL $6000NT refund.  From the S & E web-site, click on the "Cancel Registration" tab. Please enter your special 6-digit student code, along with your Bank Name, Branch and Account Name.  $6000 will be transferred back to your bank account.

    2: IF your spot CANNOT be filled: You will receive  A) a $1000 coupon that can be used for camp 2021, B) a camp t-shirt, C) a camp workbook and Bible. These will all be mailed to you AFTER camp is over. From the S & E web-site, click on the "Cancel Registration" tab. Use your special 6-digit student code, and enter the address to which you'd like the package mailed. 


    Between July 1st - July 5th, if you decide you can't attend S & E Camp, please e-mail the camp manager at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Sorry, NO REFUNDS will be made after June 30th.


  • Where will I sleep at camp?


    -This year, all campers will be sleeping in the Morrison Dorm Facility.

    -All campers will be sleeping on beds oair-mattresses in air-conditioned dorm rooms.  (sleeping bags, pillows and blankets NOT provided.)

    -Boys and girls room will be separated by floors.

    -There will be 4 students per room, with 3-4 staff members supervising each dorm wing.

    -Each room will have a sink, toilet and shower facility.

  • What should I bring to camp? Not bring to camp?

    Please BRING the following items to camp. 

    -Sports clothing
    -Sleeping bag/or blanket/sheets and pillow
    -Sleeping clothes
    -Sports shoes
    -Jacket or sweatshirt (rooms may be cool at night)
    -Special equipment for your chosen sport (soccer shoes, baseball glove, etc.
    -Pencil or Pen
    -Money for snacks (students are responsible for any money or valuable items they bring to camp)
    -Suntan Lotion
    Please DON'T BRING the following items to camp.
    -iPod/MP3 player
    -iPad/ portable movie players
    -Portable Video Games (PSP/NintendoDS/etc.)
    (If students bring these items, they will be taken away and returned on the last day of camp.)
    -Students may bring cell phones, but must check them in at the beginning of camp.  
    Click HERE to see our Cell Phone Policy.
    (Students who don't follow the cell phone policy with have their phones taken away and returned at the end of camp.)


  • Can I bring my CELL PHONE? (Cell Phone Policy)

    Students who bring a cell phone will have to Check It In during REGISTRATION. NO EXCEPTIONS.  

    There will be an opportunity every day during Free Time (3:30-5:30) when students may retrieve your phone to make calls to parents.  

    Students will be encouraged daily to call their parents.

    Students will return their cell phone before dinner each evening.

    All cell phones will be returned to students on Saturday before they leave camp.  

    Any student who doesn't follow the cell phone policy will have it confiscated until the end of camp and will be unable to attend camp the following year.


    An emergency phone number will be available for  parents to get a hold of students if needed.



  • Can students bring money to buy snacks?

    Yes. Seventeen delicious meals will be served over the course of the week, all served in the MCA cafeteria. 

    However, sometimes students get hungry and need an extra snack. 

    Students will be allowed to leave campus during free time only, with the supervision of a faculty member, to buy drinks or snacks. (Tea shop/ 7-11)

    (Please DON'T BRING snacks to camp. NO FOOD is allowed in the DORM ROOMS. Thank You!)

  • What if I get SICK or INJURED at camp?


    -If a student becomes ill at camp, parents will be notified and they will be monitored for 24hrs.  If a fever over ??degrees continues for more than 24 hours, parents will be notified to come pick up their child.  Because campers will be sleeping together in large rooms, we must regretfully ask sick campers to return home.  We believe this is in the best interest of all students and staff.


    -We will have a camp nurse available to help students with minor injuries.  Most injuries are minor and result from daily sports activities.

    -If a more serious injury occurs, parents will be notified immediately and the student will be taken to a local hospital for examination. (All students must bring their Health Insurance Cards. No exceptions.)

    -All students at camp will be covered by a basic insurance policy which begins the day of registration and end when the students return home.

Life Transformation!

Our mission is to create a camp experience where students lives are changed forever!

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