Special Note to Parents

The fact that you are entrusting your child to us for a whole week is a huge responsibility.  You have put your most valuable possession in our hands, and we don't take that lightly.  We feel honored to spend a week with your child and we promise to do our best to protect, teach and encourage your son or daughter. 

Each teacher at Sports and English Camp is a Christian.  This means that each of our staff members believes in the God of the Bible; they believe Jesus is God's son and came to this world to save us and restore our broken relationship with our creator God.  All our teachers have a story of how God has transformed their lives as they choose to daily follow the teachings and example of Jesus. 

During this week of camp, your son or daughter will hear stories of how God has changed our lives.  They will, possibly for the first time, read and hear stories from the Bible.  As part of our daily English learning, we will be encouraging them to memorize some Bible verses that will bring encouragement and hope to their lives.  We believe it is God's love that has made this camp so popular.

Each year, many student's lives are changed as a result of experiencing God's love at Sports & English Camp.  Because you have trusted us to take care of your child for a whole week, we also want you to know that you can trust us as well.  We will make no efforts to force or manipulate your child into making a faith decision.  We will simply share our own stories and allow students to make their own choices.  Those important life decisions are clearly up to each individual.  If any child makes an important faith decision during camp, it is always our policy to have them notify their parents and talk it through. 

We believe God wants to bless each of the students who come to our camp.  He loves them and has a unique plan for each of their lives! 

S&E Camp Director


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