Looking for something to do this summer? Are you searching for an opportunity to meet some new friends, improve your English or develop your athletic skills?  Or…more importantly, are you looking for answers to big questions or trying to find meaning and purpose in life? Well…Sports and English Camp was started just for this reason.  For the last sixteen years, hundreds of students have attended this week long, life changing camp on the campus of Morrison Academy in Taichung City.   We believe each student that comes to camp is a valuable, important, creation of God. Our staff’s main goal is to encourage, challenge and share God’s amazing love with each and every student.  It doesn’t matter how well you can play sports.  It doesn’t matter what level your English is.  It doesn’t matter what your background is or your grades in school.  It doesn't matter what your religious beliefs are. We believe your life is important to God and we hope you will consider joining us this summer at Sports and English Camp.  Be prepared for a fun, unforgettable, life changing experience!

What to Bring

Being away from home for a whole week, you will need to bring many important things.  We have created a check list for you so you won't forget anything.


Worried about what you will eat all week?  For 7 days, you will be eating a mix of western and Chinese meals.  All meals are healthy and prepared by our amazing school cafeteria staff!

Directions to Camp

Located in the Beitun Disctrict of Taichung, Morrison Academy is home to our yearly camp.  Just a 10 minute drive from the DaYa interchange. Click to see map.

Volunteer Staff Opportunities

Every year, we are looking for mature, Christ followers who would like to invest in the lives of many Taiwan students.  We need native English speakers as well as local bilingual Christians to make this camp a reality.  We would love to send you more information if you are interested. Contact us.

Cell Phone Policy

It is okay to bring a cell phone to camp, but please make sure you read our cell phone policy clearly.

Note to Parents

Sending your child to a week long camp can be scary.  Thanks for trusting us with your child...this is a big responsibility!  Please read this important note about our commitment to you!


A picture is worth a thousand words! We have made some great memories over the last 14 years. Check out some photos from our camp photo library!

Camp Schedule

What do we do at camp each day?  Eat, practice English, play sports, eat, rest, have fun, eat, sing, learn important truths, share with friends, play some more, eat noodles, take a shower, go to bed!  Here is a quick look at our daily schedule.  


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