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7 月5-11日 和 7 月12-18日,全台灣的中學生有機會能和來自美國的運動教練和英文老師在美麗的馬禮遜美國學校台中校區共度一個禮拜的快樂時光。由台灣本地教會所創辦的運動英文營今年將邁入第10屆,活動宗旨是為了讓在地青少年可以玩得開心,認識聖經,又可增進英文能力,並參與他們最喜愛的運動項目--輕輕鬆鬆,沒有壓力!營隊裡,學生可以透過認識新朋友並增進英文實力,同時,也學習到美式運動,飲食和文化。運動英文營是個無與倫比的機會,您一定要親自來體驗!

July 5-11 & July 12-18, secondary students from all over Taiwan will have the opportunity to spend one week with sports coaches and English teachers from America - all on the beautiful campus of Morrison Christian Academy in Taichung. Now in it's 10th year, Sports & English Camp was founded by churches in Taiwan, as a way to give their teenagers an opportunity to have fun, learn about the Bible, improve their English, play their favorite sports -- all with no pressure! At camp, students can learn about American sports, foods, and culture while making new friends and improving their English ability. Sports & English Camp is an unparalleled opportunity that must be experienced first-hand!